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Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System


Log felling is the first process after logging, and it is also the main stage of operations where losses are staggering and accidents occur frequently. With the continued stimulus of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, using CNC band saws for wood paneling saves both wood and money. Labor is no longer difficult. At the same time, various environment

Enhance Aesthetics and Durability: Laser vs. PUR Edge Banding Machines

Single colr PUR-glue-machine-for-edge-banding-machine

Edge banding machines are essential in industries like furniture and building materials due to their advanced features that offer efficient, high-quality panel edging. This year, the laser and PUR edge banding machines have gained popularity. PUR uses moisture-curing glue for a durable bond, while laser technology ensures precise, seamless edge sealing. Automated controls improve efficiency and productivity.

Choosing the Right Conveying Equipment for Woodworking Machinery

Edge banding machine roller conveyor return line

To choose the right conveying equipment, determine the dimensions of your product, which will dictate conveyor specifications. Belt conveyors are ideal for soft-surfaced materials and offer various protective features, while roller conveyors should be selected based on the hardness and weight of the product, ensuring appropriate load-bearing capacity.



PUR edge banding machines are essential tools in the woodworking industry, providing a reliable and efficient solution for applying edge banding materials to furniture and panel surfaces. With their advanced features and use of high-quality PUR adhesive, these machines contribute to the production of durable and aesthetically pleasing products.

Cabinet Door Panel Material Development and Trend


Cabinet door panels technology-what is the difference between blister and coated film.
Generally, when you look at cabinet door panels in the market, you can see door panel materials with various styles and patterns. Usually, most of these different color patterns effects are achieved through the process of blister or coating. However, what is the difference between blister and coating for door panels?