Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System

  Log felling is the first process after logging, and it is also the main stage of operations where losses are staggering and accidents occur frequently. With the continued stimulus of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, using CNC band saws for wood paneling saves both wood and money. Labor is no longer difficult. At the same time, various environmental protection responsibility requirements are still high. Many furniture factories felt the pressure and began to turn to the log cutting industry. For the nascent log industry, high efficiency and high productivity are the foundation.

  The method of using Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System is relatively simple, just follow the following steps:

1. Place logs on the machine platform and adjust according to processing needs;
2. Input the processing parameters into the control system and start the CNC machine;
3. The machine automatically performs the processing process and performs cutting, engraving and other operations according to the set parameters;
4. After the processing is completed, inspection and cleaning are performed to complete the entire processing process.

  The technical characteristics of the Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System mainly include the following aspects:

1. High precision: Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System adopts a high-precision control system, which can achieve zero-error processing and ensure the quality of completion;
2. Strong applicability: Automatic CNC Log Carriage and Cutting System can process logs and wood blocks of different materials, and has wide applicability;
3. Simple operation: The operation of it is very simple. You only need to input the processing parameters to complete the processing. It is suitable for use by various types of processing manufacturers.


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