CNC Automatic Woodworking Sports Car

The CNC band saw is a combination machine tool. It consists of sawing machine, sports car, loading and unloading table, hydraulic system and electrical control system. The band saw is a high-speed dust-proof overall structure, which has the advantages of good rigidity, stable operation, convenient and flexible operation, low noise, safe and reliable use, etc. The sports car is a one-piece steel welded construction. The drive of the sports car is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the stepless speed regulation of the sports car is realized through the electro-hydraulic reversing valve and the proportional electromagnetic speed regulating valve. The dumping bucket on the vehicle adopts a hydraulic automatic dumping bucket, and the large and small dumping arms cooperate with each other to realize the wood turning. The feeding platform is composed of stoppers, elevators and feeders. Under the control of the hydraulic system, the feeding function is performed in sequence.